- Extract
from a centralamerican
fern (Polypodium Leucotomos)

    - Plant o
riginally grew in the water

    - developed
a natural protection  
against UV radiation


    - Grows under controlled biological condition

    - No use of pesticides or chemicals

    - Uniformly high quality and safety by  
      extraction solely under standardized laboratory conditions
      (based on strict
pharmaceutical guidelines)


In collaboration with the Harvard Medical School and leading experts the international pharmaceutical company IFC Group developed a completely new photoimmunoprotection: FernblockĀ®

This patented topical and oral photoimmunoprotection:

  • protects the immune system of the skin
  • counteracts the light-induced skin aging (photoaging)
  • protects against free radicals
  • protects the DNA

U.S.Patent No.: 5.614.197

The FernblockĀ® technology was developed by Prof. Fitzpatrick in more than 10 years of research at the renowned Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA.

Thomas B. Fitzpatrick (1919-2003)

Professor at Harvard Medical School in Boston
and head physician of Dermatology at Massachusetts
            General Hospital (1959-1987)

Discoverer of the melanosomes

Introduction of PUVA therapy

More than 250 scientific publications during his 50-year